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Caricature with clay

Sculpture course summer 2013

3 days

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  • 1st price «Professionnal sculptor»
    13th Salon des arts visuels of Brossard, 2005. For «Soleil levant»
  • Prix d'excellence «Main d'art»
    Plein feux, Laval, 2004
  • Prix du public La Prairie, 2004
    For «Soleil levant»
  • 1st price «Best of competition»
    Festival de la sculpture of Laval, 1999 et 2000
  • 1st price «Human figure over 15 inches»
    International Woodcarving Congress, USA, 1994.
  • 1st price «Best of show»
    Ottawa Wood Show, 1994 for «Vent chaud»
  • 1st price «Best of show»
    Ottawa Wood Show, 1993 for «Extase»
  • 1st price «Best of show»
    Ottawa Wood Show, 1992 for «La caresse»



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About the artist

With created intensity of movement, his exposed works allow the viewer to recognize gestures and scenes from daily life, and moods which the artist succeeds in rendering.